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Website Maintenance

In today’s competitive scenario, constant website management and website maintenance is highly important in order to keep your website up-to-date in tandem with latest developments. Periodic or regular addition of web pages on your website or changing the look of your website regularly not only attracts viewers but also pitch sales. Your website is like an electronic client service representative which must be kept updated and informed regularly so that your online viewership increases. Many people believe that this service is like content management only, but we differ on this. As every website has diverse content requirements and every one does not have the same budget to maintain the reliability of their online presence. This service is mainly used for websites that require minimum content up gradation where precise information is main objective than to generate leads or online selling. Needs of the clients, we work with each of our clients to enable them to meet their most crucial needs appropriately. Another reason why clients choose our website maintenance Services ? Another reason why clients love our website maintenance plans is they include our online customer support system. Just send an email to our online customer support system, and your website maintenance request will be automatically added to one of our designer’s to-do list. With our online customer support system, you can log on at any time to view the status of your website maintenance request, set a priority level, edit your request and more. Website maintenance has never been easier! We understands that sites have different needs. That’s why we’ve created four different website maintenance plans, unlike other companies that only offer one or two. If you find that our four website maintenance plans don’t meet your site’s needs, please contact us to discuss a custom website maintenance plan for you.

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Examples of services included in the website maintenance plans include :

  • Text : Additions or deletions.
  • Photos : Additions, deletions and basic retouching.
  • Webpages : Additions or deletions using existing webpage design.
  • Navigation : Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete an item in the navigation).
  • File Downloads : Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents.
  • Videos : Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video.
  • Links : Additions or deletions.
  • Color and Background Images : Changes/replacements .
  • Flash : Text-only changes and basic photo replacement in Flash animation.
  • Forms : Dynamic form layout and integration (limited to forms not requiring database integration, such as a Contact Us form).
  • All Standard Support : Help with e-mail set-up, etc.

Please note : this list is an example of the services included in the website maintenance plans. This is not a complete list.